Friday, October 3, 2008 || Lauren Conrad's Forbidden Hookup!

We thought Heidi Montag was supposed to be the villainess on The Hills. Well, you might wanna put away those Team Lauren shirts ‘cause, apparently, little Goody Two–shoes ain’t so innocent after all—if you believe those who are currently whispering in friggin’ overdrive from the semihottie show.

Can’t say we’re that shocked, actually. If you get sucked into the awfulness that is The Hills, then you’re aware that Audrina Patridge and Lauren Conrad have had quite the rocky friendship this season. Offscreen, Aud moved her stuff out of the house a couple of weeks ago, but they would still try to fake that they’re all chummy and crap. Well, there’s no hiding their hatred now.

This weekend in Vegas, A.P. hosted her own party while Conrad celebrated Lo’s B-day at another club. So why has it all of a sudden come to a head? Justin Bobby!

Audrina, we’re told, is fuming because she found out that her on-and-off lover, Justin, and former BFF, L.C., hooked up behind her back. Man, if this was actually captured on film we might even watch the show! Supposedly, A-doll has been running around town trying to find out any info about the incident that Mister Bobby himself has supposedly confessed to. Lauren denies it, natch.

So could this be why the two gals are no longer top MySpace friends and why Lauren’s mood is “shocked”? You can bet that Justin Bobby will get out of all this unscathed, 'cause, well, guys always do.

Our take? Totally wouldn’t put it past L.C., 'cause word on the T-town street is she ain’t the prude type. Hardly. But we think it makes Audrina look a little pathetic, to be honest. True, girl code was violated, but don’t let it get back to us how desperately you’re seeking answers, A. Très tragic and high school. But then this is The Hills, isn’t it?


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